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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Magnolia in the Mountains: A summer adventure

It’s been a really long time since I’ve written a blog.

My initial goal for blogging was to document my adventures in New York City. As adventures became fewer and further between, and as I got settled into city life, I didn’t have much to write about that didn’t just fit into a Facebook status update or a picture on Instagram.

HOWEVER, yesterday marked the beginning of a new adventure, and I’m thinking the stories are going to start flowing again.

As most of you know, I am spending my summer in Lincoln, New Hampshire, at the Papermill Theater, North Country Center for the Arts (feel free to look us up on Facebook or check out the website: ) On Monday we start 2 weeks of Broadway Bound kids camps, and after that I will be performing in The Sound of Music, My Way: A Tribute to Frank Sinatra, and a few themed cabarets.

Yesterday was travel day. Katherine helped me lug two 50lb bags onto the subway and over to JFK airport where I caught a flight to Boston. After landing and waiting 4 hours in the baggage claim area, I boarded a bus to Lincoln, New Hampshire. Upon arrival I was greeted by one of our directors was shuttled to the opening night reception of one of the other shows in rep this summer.

Wow, ok, so jumping right in.

After meeting the company I was taken to my “home” for the summer: The Penguin Ski Club. Apparently Lincoln, New Hampshire is a great little ski town in the winter. But what happens to all of those ski lodges in the summer, you might ask. Well, throwing a bunch of twenty-something-year old actors into them seems like a great way to use the space. Really though, this place is kind of crazy. My roommate and I have 8 bunk beds in our room… just for the two of us. There are community bathrooms, kitchens, and tons of places to chill-out. I’m currently sitting in a basement lounge area with ski posters all over the wall and an odd assortment of chairs and couches. There’s also no air conditioning in the entire building. Fortunately, there are plenty of fans to go around and the basement is quite cool. I kind of feel like I’m camping… It’s neat though.

Today I got up and went grocery shopping then came home to put on my red, white, and blue to join the town’s Independence Day Parade. The theater had a float so we pranced down the street waving and yelling and sweating our innards out. If being in a small-town parade in New England doesn’t put you in a patriotic mood, I don’t know what will.

So now I’m just relaxing after a few hours in the pool down the road. Tonight, FIREWORKS! It feels a little bit like a vacation so far, but I know the work will begin soon and rest will be a commodity. I couldn’t possibly be more excited though. It should be a good summer!

More to come, obviously. Next time I might even tell you the story of how I booked this job. We’ll see. ;)

I hope you all enjoyed your Fourth of July.

Grace be with you,
 Lindsey Shea